One Human Effect
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One Human Effect is a faith based non profit working to Unite the Christian church. We encourage faith through service to one another and the world. As Christians working together in efforts of Love, Truth, and Service, we will share and experience the Love of God in a truly exciting way.

Answer the Call of Jesus

Within every believer God created the desire to serve others in a unique capacity. Discovering that desire, applying it, and experiencing the effect it has on the lives of others, is central to finding purpose and joy in your own life. One Human Effect exists to create opportunities for believers to realize their God given purpose. 1Peter 4:10
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Join with your brothers and sisters in Christ to have a radical effect on your world.
One Human Effect
What is your Human Effect? Jesus our Lord walked the earth as a human and had the greatest effect on humanity of any one person in all of history. If you accept his sacrifice on the cross, He is inside you, and still desires to have the same effect on the world through you. One Human Effect exists to encourage you to make a greater impact on your world for Jesus.Philippians 4:12-13